The Campbell Room: Self catering accommodation for groups in Somerset's Quantock Hills

Multi-purpose cabin


Located at the the back of the main building, the Briggs Cabin measures 3.5m x 5m (11’ 6’’ x 16’ 5’’) internally and can serve a number of purposes. The prime intention is to provide mixed groups with greater flexibility in sleeping arrangements, for use as a separate study or activity room, or for storing luggage and equipment, although it can also be used to accommodate a few extra people.


Multi-purpose cabin: external

Just the handrail to finish...


Multi-purpose cabin: internal
Multi-purpose cabin: internal


As well as increased flexibility, the cabin has been designed with warmth and low carbon emissions in mind. On the outside it looks similar to the existing building, but it is actually a very well insulated log cabin, complete with double glazing and weather sealed windows and doors. In order to further reduce the heating required and ensure good air quality, the cabin is fitted with a high-efficiency heat-recovery ventilator that captures up to 84% of the heat from the expelled stale air, using it to warm the incoming fresh air, while using just 2 Watts of electricity.

The Briggs Cabin was named in 2016 in recognition of the fundamental role provided by Derek Briggs in inspiring and leading the conversion of the Campbell Room for residential use, and his ongoing active involvement through until his death in 2015, together with the contributions of Pat Briggs and the other members of the family.


The cabin was constructed following a two year fundraising campaign and opened in 2010. In addition to thanking the volunteer fund-raisers, the construction crew, and the many individuals who have helped by supporting our fund-raising events, we are pleased to acknowledge the substantial financial support for this project provided by Viridor and by Somerset County Council.

Donations or offers of sponsorship to assist to our future projects are always welcome, as are working parties.

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 The Campbell Room: Self catering accommodation for groups in Somerset’s Quantock Hills.

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